Yannis Georgiadis Photography


Yannis Georgiadis was born in Athens, Greece and has shortly lived there. He lives in Volos which is located in the mainland of Greece. Since he was a child, he adored cinema and that was the gate to approach photography, as he likes better work on his own. ¨Photography is a solitary process¨. After participating to several seminars, he decided to enter the photography domain of a faculty dedicated in applying Arts from where he graduated in 2006. ¨Photography is a way of thinking, acting, feeling. Above all a way of life, an expression¨, as he says. He focuses on wedding photography, but he loves also conceptual and documentary photography. His first private exibition was presented in Volos in November 2007 with the title ¨Urban Sky¨. He is now working on several projects concerning both conceptual and documentary matters. He likes literature, trekking and of course cinema. He dreams of making sometimes his own film, short or long. Lately he has made his first documentary film which is now being post-producted. One of his main loves is to travel. Wherever. As to travel gives you the opportunity to meet different cultures, people, places, religions, ideologies. Most of all it gives you the pleasure to discover your alter ego, the one who is located inside. The combination of travel and photography would be something ideally perfect for him.